Developing Customer Loyalty

Give Yourself a Powerful Competitive Advantage

Why do you return to one business or establishment and not another? I consider this question every morning when I walk our dog to a neighborhood coffee shop. Every morning the same regulars are there. The employees behind the counter know each of us by name and know our drink of choice. They greet us with the same question. “Your usual?” The place is always packed. A similar coffee shop nearby is struggling to stay open. The prices are no lower, the ambience no worse. But it’s usually empty. Why? Because they don’t know our names. And they don’t know the ‘usual.” One coffee shop is serving neighbors. The other serves customers.

Customer Loyalty isn’t about selling
It’s about Connecting Emotionally

We can help you communicate more effectively.

  • Learn to understand and manage your own emotions
  • Learn to recognize the emotions and needs of others
  • Learn how to manage relationships with customers and peers
  • Learn to connect with customers emotionally

The Value of Customer Loyalty:

  • They always return
  • They brag about your organization, which is word-of mouth-advertising, and word-of-mouth advertising is the best. It’s free. And somebody else is selling you, which is much more credible than you trying to sell yourself.
  • They are willing to pay more for your product or service
  • They are more forgiving when you make a mistake

Give customers a good product, they go away happy.

Give customers the feeling you care about them, they go away happy and keep coming back.

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